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“A teambuilding experience with a difference!”

“In a balloon you are the prisoner of the wind, and you can go only in the direction of the wind. In life people think they are prisoners of circumstance; but in the balloon, as in life, you can change altitude. When you change altitude, you change direction. You are not a prisoner any more”. (Bertrand Piccard).

“Ballooning can be described as 3 dimensional sailing”. (Bill Harrop)

Combining a typical balloon safari with the ballooning challenge is an exciting and unique way to foster team building. During a teambuilding balloon safari, participants are presented with a new and challenging situation, which enables them to develop cooperative and interdependent relationships with their peers and business associates.

This experience provides valuable insight into how teams work together and how they can become more effective. Not only is the group teambuilding balloon safari an enjoyable experience, but it also creates fond memories for participants that last for years to come.

By choosing this unique team-building experience, your company can communicate a powerful message about the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

The Programme / Activities

Our fleet of balloons which can be used for team building consists of the following:

  • 3 balloons that each take up to 14 passengers (weights determine how many passengers per balloon).
  • 1 balloon that takes up to 6 passengers (weights determine how many passengers).

You should ideally utilize two or more balloons; depending on the size of the group.

Two tasks are used in competitions that work well with a corporate group:

Judge declared goal:

The group can request that the pilot change height – bearing in mind the wind changes direction at different heights, by following their instructions the pilot can hopefully get the balloon to the pre-arranged target. Once the balloon is close to the target, a marker can be thrown out and the marker that lands closest to the target is the winning team. Alternatively, each participant can have an individual marker and the person who throws the marker closest to the target is the winner. This can be a lot of fun and the pilots can get very close to the target.

Hare and Hounds:

This is when the first balloon takes off about 10 – 15 minutes before the other balloons take off. The “hounds” must chase the “hare” to land or throw out a marker as close as possible to the “crown” / target of the landed balloon. This task is excellent for photographs and it’s interesting to see the different flight paths the balloons take to get to the same goal.

On landing the participants can assist with packing the balloon and the first team back at breakfast can be declared the winning team.

Rates for team building flights are quoted upon request, depending on the number of participants and balloons needed. Exclusive use of the facilities can be quoted separately.

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