Spent the most phenomenal morning at Bill Harrops “Original” Balloon Safari!

Little Man has been absolutely obsessed with Hot Air Balloons and a million YouTube videos and homemade hot air balloons later – we decided it’s time he sees the real thing for himself.

As we parked we heard the fans going and ran down the beautifully lantern lit path to go see the balloon. We were met with the most amazing welcome from Nadia who provided a lovely set up for us under the gazebo where we could watch the Hot Air Balloon being filled up.

Little Man was overwhelmed. Nervous and ecstatic and seeing everything happen! I don’t think he could have fathomed how big the Hot Air Balloon actually was! Neither could we quite frankly. Seeing a flock of birds fly near the top of it was breath-taking.

As the sun came up – Daleen came round to ask if he wanted to get closer. Me being me was all “Yeah let’s go let’s get closer!!!” But she took one look at his anxious face and was like “maybe not today – the noise can be scary for them.” So we sat tight and took more photos.

Soon the pilot called all the guests aboard and we waved them off watching this marvel of human engineering take off into the distant Magalies mountains.
We settled in for breakfast and Nadia came and gifted Little Man the most considerate gift bag with HOME MADE HOT AIR BALOON COOKIES and some Hot Air Balloon merchandise. At this point we honestly couldn’t believe how lucky we were – being able to make Little Man’s dream come true AND be treated with so much love and care. Incredible.

Tummy’s full – we started making our way back up to the parking lot and then Kathy The Big Boss of the operations calls Nadia back to gift Little Man with yet another gift! I mean really – how blessed can one little guy be?

We are extremely grateful to Nadia, Daleen, Kathy and the entire team at Bill Harrops for creating such an incredible experience. He still asks us when we are going back to see the balloons and will for sure be back for another visit and hopefully a safari soon 🙏🏾

Written by IG @qlebatha