Bill Harrop

Founder 1940 – 2021

In the early1970’s after experiencing and enjoying life as a yachtsman, singer, hotelier, portrait photographer and advertising executive in the UK and Bermuda, Bill and his wife Mary immigrated and settled in South Africa.

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Mary Harrop

Founder 1947 – 2021

Behind every successful man is a great women. Mary was not only behind Bill but at his side and often way out in front. Affectionately known as “Sarge” if something needed to be done, Mary was “onto it” (and so was everyone else!) until it was completed!

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Dale De Klerk

CEO (Started September 2021)

Dale de Klerk is a passionate aviator! Having developed an interest in aviation at the age of 7 he has not stopped learning, embracing new opportunities and …

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Michael Maja

Pilot and Reservations

Meet Michael Maja, a remarkable individual whose journey from childhood fascination to becoming South Africa’s first black commercial hot air balloon pilot is nothing short of inspiring.

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Sarah Bauling

Marketing Manager – Started (officially) 1998

Daughter of Bill and Mary she started as a toddler “helping mummy and daddy”
but became fully involved after completing her studies.

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Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safaris Pilots


Daleen Terblanche

Operations Manager (Started again in 2019)

Daleen initially joined the Bill Harrop’s team in 2007, after a short sabbatical we were delighted to re-welcome her in 2019!

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Gretha Lawrence

Financial Manager (Started in 2019)

Gretha Lawrence is the lady who makes sure everything literally, adds up!

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Eric Ngcobo

Senior Balloon Crewman – Started September 1993

After leaving school Eric ‘s first job was selling and auctioning motor cars in Zimbabwe, and he did his fair share of casual work before his quest for a “proper job” brought him to our gate. 

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Merjury Dzinoreva

Junior Chef de Partie – Started September 2010

After graduating from high school she worked as a doctor’s receptionist and,
during that time, met and married George and started their family of 4 children. 

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George Chibhamu

Waiter and Junior Chef de Partie – Started September 2010

George is one of those men who learns fast and will do well for himself.
Show George how to do something and it will be done

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Daniel Ndlovu

Maintenance supervisor and Crew Leader – Started January 2007

Daniel was initially employed on a temporary basis, his eager, friendly and “willing to please” attitude secured him a full time position in January 2007.

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