How does one describe the opportunity to go hot air ballooning at Bill Harrop’s original hot air ballooning?

From the very friendly security member who directed us when we arrived as to where to park, to the welcome form Dalena and Andrew to ensuring that we knew what to expect from the experience and then hot muffins and extremely dunkable crunchie biscuits into the hot chocolate and the warm gas heaters whilst we relaxed watching the balloon inflating in readiness for our flights into the sky .

The friendliness of all staff, and assistance into the allocated balloons ably piloted by Flip, Andrew and Bill, and the questions are we sure that we advised our correct weight, and whether there was anyone scared of heights and what to expect.

The warmth of the gas as the balloons lifted off the ground and being advised as to how fast we were travelling 4km initially and then up to 15km and the height that we were from the ground. The smooth landing and the explanation as to why champagne and orange juice was served was most informative.

This was a truly marvellous way to spend a Sunday morning, with an amazing experience being enjoyed by Natalie and I and me getting the opportunity to tick off something that long been on my bucket list.

Natalie commented “To be up in the sky watching the sunrise is such an amazing and overwhelming feeling. To be up high with the birds and see what beauty lies under you it is a feeling you will never forget and want to experience time and time again!”

Then to the scrumptious breakfast served, with the speciality being Bills famous whiskey oats. If anyone went home hungry, they have only themselves to blame as the selection was vast and would satisfy any picky eaters.

Think once a person has been once, you just want to go again.

So, here’s to many happy returns.

Karen Owen