E519B7E3-8E4E-4D52-89E0-222115DD9AEEMy boyfriend and I have monthly “date night” which he has takes very seriously [I am a lucky girl] and has knocked it out the park, which is somewhat surprising because he is not the romantic type nor the one to get excited about things. So, I needed to step up my game with something that would gain me some serious brownie points.

I immediately thought of Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Safari, it’s something that I have wanted to do for some time but never had someone to share it with, but Craig is that special someone. I booked and paid and told Craig that on the 30th of August I was taking him on the famous Bill Harrop’s Balloon! As usual I am way more excited than he is, he often calls me a child in an adult body because of how excited I get about things. Craig was keen but not overly excited, but that soon all changed…

We arrived at the Bill Harrop’s gate still dark, chilly with the sound of morning birds chirping, welcomed by a friendly Bill Harrop’s staff member who directed us to the grounds. We followed the path of garden lit flames and saw the colours of the balloon peeking through the bushes! “WOW!”

D2FF8F58-3A0A-42FE-8B2F-5C2C1C254284We were then greeted by Mark, our pilot who had offered us tea and fresh muffins standing next to a huge bon fire looking out at the colourful balloon filling up slowly. Soon after – Mark guided us to the basket, we all climbed in and took off swiftly into the sky.

What an amazing sight, it’s difficult for me to explain the experience in words, because it’s like nothing I have ever experienced before – therefore nothing to compare to. The colours of the sun rise, green buds blooming on the treetops and indescribable views – we were speechless.

We touched down with champagne in hand enjoying the surroundings and a full English breakfast waiting for us to arrive back from our tour.

This was nothing short of amazing and let’s just say Craig spoke about it all the way home and continues to do so, he enjoyed it so much that he is willing to do it all over again.

Brownie points well deserved!




Written by Chelsea Clarke