Corporate Entertainment and Team Building Adventure Flights

A hot air balloon flight is a perfect corporate entertainment or team building activity. If you like, you can arrange to have the Clubhouse Pavilion and Restaurant decorated with Company banners, flags and bunting or displays. Flower arrangements maybe? We also have electricity at the restaurant in case you wish to operate any A.V. equipment. Live music can be arranged from a harpist or a string quartet to a real jumpin’ jazz band.

If you wish, your guests’ tickets can have your company’s logo incorporated in the design. Our standard Certificate for Bravery is, we think, very well written and designed, but there is scope there for personalising it for a company event. We can also arrange to have a professional photographer or videographer available to take souvenir pictures of all the activity before, during and after the hot air balloon flight. Our operations base is convenient enough for the access of large tour busses, and is big and safe enough to accommodate arrivals of VIPs by helicopter.

Some of these extra services are free as part of our hot air balloon ride package, and others are available at a reasonable fee. Just let us know how we can help.


Pre flight tea, coffee, hot chocolate and muffins served on the patios of our Clubhouse Pavilion and Restaurant, Balloon Flight of about one hour, Sparkling wine and orange juice served on landing, Scrumptious breakfast, and Presentation of Souvenir Citations.

We do not usually limit ourselves by giving a specific menu as this depends entirely as to what is available at the time. We do offer quite a variety, making the package flexible for vegetarians or those on special diets. Special menus can be created on request.

Please let us know if any hot air balloon flight passengers requires a special diet (vegetarian, non-alcohol etc.) so that we can try to accommodate them.


Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safaris owns a fleet of different size balloons and baskets, available as follows:

  • 1 to 2 PASSENGERS 
  • 1 to 6 PASSENGERS 
  • 6 to 12 PASSENGERS
  • 12 to 18 PASSENGERS

Under certain circumstances, we may be able to offer more balloons and flights to accommodate your group.

NB: The passenger loadings for the balloons are subject to various factors including air temperatures for the particular time of year, maximum altitude of the flight and passenger weight. There are also occasions when air temperature is very much higher than expected and loadings may have to be reduced. This may affect the flight assignments for the latest confirmed parties.

We will need to know, as far in advance as possible, the following personal information about each passenger:




* WHO SHOULD FLY TOGETHER IN THE SAME BALLOON (e.g. hosts with certain guests / couples who must fly together etc.)

This information will assist in the smooth running of the morning, including the pre-printing and issue of tickets as well as the Passenger Flight Manifests and the pre-calculation of the load sheets. These are all legal requirements that need to be completed prior to the flight. As you can imagine, this would be very messy and could seriously delay take-off if all this had to be completed on the field.


We will also need to know the NAME of the group leader(s) and the CONTACT NUMBER where they will be staying the night prior to the balloon flight. This is so that in the event of an unfavourable weather forecast, we can advise of postponement or cancellation of the trip.

FITNESS – Medical or Physical Disabilities

We also specify that all passengers should be physically fit enough to stand for the duration of the balloon flight (about 1 hour) as well as being able to jump unassisted from a height of 60cm.

If someone does not meet these requirements, please discuss the situation with us as we still might be able to make special arrangements.


Remember that passengers should be advised to dress warmly in peelable clothes. They should wear shoes that are suitable for the country (no high heels) and a hat to serve as protection from the heat of the burner.


Cameras, Video Cameras. Spare memory cards and batteries.

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