Can you believe it! Different GPS suppliers use different types of co-ordinates. To save losing your sense of humour on the morning of your flight,

Please check your navigation instructions or navigation device at least the day before, and be aware that some web sites which are not published by us give inaccurate information.

1. If your device does not show something like the map on this page
2. Try typing in Attractions/Bill Harrops Balloon Safaris or
3. Try entering the various types of co-ordinates listed below.
4. Map Co-ordinates should be used with caution as navigation devices are often calibrated differently.
5. Garmin System co-ordinates are
S 25º 49.154 E 027º 44.495

Some navigation systems are calibrated in degrees and decimal points of degrees. In this case the reference would change to S 25.8192º E 027.7416º
S 25.8192º E 027.7416º

If on the morning of your flight, you find yourself on top of a mountain in Lower Mongolia surrounded with peculiar beasts, try to remember the last major landmark you saw and if you have lost your way and sense of humour . . . . . . .

Phone our Operations Number 083 776 5875 (morning of the flight only)

and we will help you find both, with a great welcome cup of steaming coffee or hot chocolate and freshly baked muffin on arrival.

Always remember . . . . . . G.P.S. means “Gotta Phone Someone

Field Operations Manager: +27 83 776 5875 (morning of the flight only).

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