February, the month of love, is close at hand. It’s time to let your inner romantic out to play- and what better way could there be than celebrating your love as you soar through the air in the rising dawn? Whether you’re nervously getting ready to pop the question, already in a long-term relationship you’re keen to celebrate, or even looking for a fun way to fall back in love with yourself, let Bill Harrops “Original” Balloon Safaris carry you away on a cloud of love this Valentine’s Day.

What’s so romantic about hot air ballooning?

The roar of the burners and the soft predawn chill giving you the perfect excuse to cuddle up close. The welcoming warm cup cradled in your hand before you take off and the sizzling pop of the celebratory champagne (or fresh orange juice) afterwards. The jolly, towering comfort of the balloon rising slowly to life in front of your eyes. Floating softly together through the dawn, taken where the winds carry you. Watching the quiet darkness erupt into the bustle of the morning bush around you while iconic African birds wheel overhead and next to you. The mere thought of the aeons of human history, and how this unique patch of earth has seen the very birth of humankind itself. The delectable breakfast to seal the deal, and the thought of how you are now one of very few humans to ever have the immense privilege of seeing our beautiful planet in a way no one else has.

The question isn’t ‘why is hot air ballooning romantic’… it’s how could it possibly not be?

Let Bill Harrops “Original” Balloon Safaris help you make Valentine’s day perfect

No matter which of our special packages you opt for, the perfect experience for the month of love is awaiting you. Experience the mystique of the Cradle of Humankind with a launch from our Clubhouse, or opt for one of our special experiences in partnership with Entabeni and Mabula private game reserves, where you have the option to add an extra-special overnight stay on the reserve to the deal.

Make this Valentine’s day an extra-special one with you, your love and Bill Harrops “Original” Balloon Safaris.