With the end of the year rolling ever closer, your mind has probably already turned to the better things in life- holidays, time spent with family, the excitement of the festivities and celebrations clustering around you. We’re no strangers to the special times here at Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safaris, and we love being able to share them with you, too!

Amp the romance in a hot air balloon

There’s one special moment we’re privileged to see a lot of- and that’s all things love! From celebrating iconic wedding anniversaries to special Valentine’s Day trips and spotting the blissful honeymoon couples among the day’s visitors, we love being part of these super-special moments with you. We’ve probably seen more popping of ‘the question’ than any other tour operator… but every time it’s a cause for genuine happiness and celebration. You may have come as strangers- but be ready for a whole new group of friends to raise you a champagne toast as you celebrate your love together!

Commemorate those milestones a mile up in the air

Love isn’t the only reason for festivities, of course! Our many brave aeronaughts bring all sorts of special occasions to the table. From a special trip for an even more special birthday boy or girl, all the way to making a memorable occasion before your babymoon, there are all sorts of reasons to bring the party to the Bill Harrop’s Clubhouse- be sure to sample the special Northumbrian porridge  to seal the deal!

Memorialize the end of a long year of deals

Couples and small parties aren’t the only faces we see. With our unique corporate packages at hand, a hot air balloon trip in the glittering dawn is the perfect way to assemble the team together one last time and honour what you’ve achieved through a long year of deadlines, contracts and projects. Celebrate everything you’ve achieved together before the year-end takes you on your separate ways home to your families, and find a few moments to relax and rejuvenate free of the worries of corporate life, but with the buddies who have your backs in the trenches close at hand to join the fun.

No matter what the moment is, it’ll be better with a soaring trip above the limits of the earth and gravity. Let the Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safari team help you make the very most of the special times today.