Here at Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safaris we well know that every single trip is a unique experience. A host of exciting sights and situations await you… which of these 5 special things you could see while in the air will be part of your flight?

1.  The Shadows

One of the first things you will notice as you soar away from earth is the unique way in which the shadows change. It’s an entirely different view of the world from when you are bound to the ground. Shadows will appear very long below you, framed with stark borders we don’t appreciate in our daily lives. It’s a beautiful sight- especially as the fast African dawn whittles them down to size.

2. The Tumulus (and other iconic landmarks)

Our flagship hot air balloon experiences take place over the gorgeous panorama of the Magaliesburg and the Cradle of Humankind. If the air is favourable, you may be treated to some of the gorgeous sights of the valley itself- including the iconic ‘Tumulus’, the visitor centre’s gateway to the Cradle of Humankind/Maropeng experience. Here, after landing, you can explore humanity’s journey from Africa, as well as partake in any of the fabulous changing fossil exhibits that take place here. No matter where you launch from, however, there’s a range of exciting landmarks you can spot, just waiting for later exploration.

3. The Bush

Whether you’re flying from our home base or experiencing one of our Game Reserve specials , you’ll have the perfect perspective to see the African bush in a way very few others have- from the air. Watch as birds- everything from house sparrows to sharp-eyed predators- wheel slowly below you. See animals both domestic and wild make their way unfazed across the gorgeous landscape, unaware of your hovering presence. It’s certainly a unique way to see the world!

4. The Impact of Humans

It’s inescapable- but has its own beauty, too. Unfolding below you you’ll spot the signs of human life making its heavy impact on the landscape. Be it dams and water towers, cars busy on the road, or simply the sprawling network of roads themselves, neatly crisscrossing the landscape. Or perhaps just the patchwork vista of irrigated and natural land intersecting. You’ll spy bodies of water both natural and manmade, and have a chance to drink in the differences. You’ll maybe even catch a peek into a neighbour’s daily life as you float over their home! Whatever awaits, it’s a fascinating look into how we shape the landscape around us.

5. The Celebration

Hot air balloons are a joyous ride. Even those made easily-queasy won’t need a nausea pill for the trip! Many of our guests come not only from curiosity and derring-do but to celebrate the best moments of their lives. Keep a keen eye out among your fellow voyagers- chances are you’ll be treated to a romantic engagement, special celebration or…who knows? You’ll have to be there to find out! Did you call the moment before it happened?

There are a host more exciting things to see in the air from a hot air balloon, so why not treat yourself to a flight with the Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safari team today?