Whether you’re tidying up your bucket list for some early 2019 inspiration, or if you’re already deep into planning the perfect way to round out 2018 with some fanfare, one thing’s for certain- a Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safari Adventure needs to be on your list today. Not yet convinced? Here’s five great reasons a hot air balloon flight with Bill Harrop’s is the ultimate in bucket list adventures.

1.  Perspective

Even if you lead a jet-setting lifestyle, you simply won’t get the view [and the self-perspective] which you get from a hot air balloon anywhere else. Let our panoramic views of the Magalies Mountains unfold slowly below you in all their glory as you float gently through the air above them. Admire our unique country from the top down, and get a deeper appreciation for the beauty around us and embrace the power of stillness that so often alludes us in our hectic daily lives.

2. No expiration date

Whether you’re a young couple looking to amp up the romance or already happily enjoying your twilight years, there’s no expiration date on hot air ballooning and you won’t be barred from the fun. With our skilled pilots expertly handling every stage of the flight, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. Age and fitness are no barrier provided you’re happy getting into the basket and can jump unassisted from a chair to the ground (the feeling of a bumpy landing should we have one), and we welcome everyone to come and enjoy this utterly unique experience.

3. Unforgettable experiences

Sipping a warm cuppa in the chilly pre-dawn air… watching a limp, brightly coloured pile slowly roar to life as a majestic balloon… the sight of the sunrise from above… the harsh, stark shadow lines slowly bleeding and blending as dawn creeps up… the anticipation and giggles at landing…cracking a fizzy wine in celebration as the African bush wakes up around you… sharing a sumptuous feast with new-found friends. All this and more are waiting for you, how could it not be a bucket list experience?

4. Shake up your fun-ometer

While ambitious goals are very laudable, it’s important your bucket list doesn’t just become another chore. Demanding peak mental alertness, challenging your skills and pushing your body can be fun in itself, of course, but it’s equally as important to learn to relax and play a little- the whole point is to rediscover your sense of fun and adventure and your purpose in life, after all. With the skilled Bill Harrop’s team handling the experience for you, it’s the perfect time to let your inner child out to play and explore too and simply bask in the novelty, fun and uniqueness of the experience.

5. Soar away from your comfort zone

It’s time to escape your comfort zone and get vertical. Whether it’s a lingering fear of heights [don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy the experience], the urge to do something drastically different, or wanting to tame the beast that whispers ‘I’d love to do that but it’s scary’ in your ear, there’s no prettier, more thrilling and yet gentle way to do it. Kiss your self-imposed boundaries goodbye, and come enjoy a flight with the Bill Harrop’s team.

Whatever your reason for adding a flight with Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safaris to your bucket list, one thing is for certain- the thrill, the joy and a lifetime of memories await you, so why not get in touch and book your flight today!