Floating above the ground is not something one gets to do often so when the opportunity arises the only question to ask is ‘Why not!?’ under5foot was extremely privileged to board the Bill Harrop Hot Air Balloon Safari this past weekend and were totally blown away! Once of the things we loved most about the experience was Bill himself – this vibrant gentleman made the experience and kept us giggling at whilst air born, multitasking and all, despite the chilly temperatures.

The views we experienced where breath-taking and the peace, quiet and calm of the air is an experience that can hardly be described – rather it needs to be felt. Landing was surprisingly gentle, although we did bounce a few times but eventually came to a graceful landing. Getting out was another story – we had to carefully balance the weight so that the balloon didn’t go floating off again, with Billy in tact. Watching Bill’s team take down the balloon was fascinating and quite a process mind you, but we patiently waited as we popped open some champers, and every a little whisky!

Once safely back on solid ground breakfast was in order – but not before we were each awarded our very ownCitation clearly naming us official aeronaut explorers!Bill also shared a little about his background and where his love for ballooning came from. And with that under5foot headed back to the city – but not before a jump shot with Bill!